Cloud war

Mathieu Simonet (FR)

Clouds Lover, Writer and Former Lawyer




NATFA - Aula


1 June, 16:30

Mathieu Simonet, a former Parisian lawyer, is an acclaimed author with seven autobiographical novels to his credit, including "The End of the Clouds" (Julliard, 2023). Over two decades, he has dedicated himself to empowering individuals to embrace their writing aspirations. Simonet's innovative initiatives include the establishment of the International Day of Clouds, observed annually on March 29th, aiming to foster creativity and expression worldwide.

Cloud war

Around fifty countries are experimenting with cloud manipulation, aiming to induce rain more rapidly. This practice lacks international regulation, potentially leading to geopolitical tensions. Former lawyer and writer Mathieu Simonet has initiated a poetic collective endeavor to shape cloud legislation. He sets a ten-year timeline to advocate for his cause.