Personal fulfillment through technology


Entrepreneur, Creative Consultant, Pioneer in People Development




NATFA - Aula


1 June, 15:00

Jamshid Alamuti is a serial entrepreneur, known for his passion as a creative consultant, disrupter in people development, and transformation strategist. With extensive experience in leadership, creativity, and technology integration, he founded ventures like NeuralJam and Kelea, pioneering innovative solutions in interactive people development and personality assessment using AI. As CEO of wildbytes, he drives disruptive communication strategies merging tech and creativity. He continues to shape the future through advisory roles in ventures like Pi School, bridging AI and design.


As technology is advancing, our society is facing a transformation that has a different impact based on the angle you interact with it. How do you, as an individual, as a creative, as a consumer, as a colleague and employee, or an entrepreneur, interact, absorb, and deal with the advancement of the tech around you? Does that impact your life or do you impact your life using tech? This talk provides a holistic overview of how technology is affecting our personal growth and development and what that means to us as creatives, and for the ecosystem we are involved in.