Changing the Future Narratives

MAGDA Mojsiejuk (PL/ES)

Lead Artifact Designer at Futurity Systems, Founder of inTENSE Magazine




NATFA - Aula


1 June, 17:30

Magda is the Lead Artifact Designer and Creative Director at Futurity Systems, a consultancy based in Barcelona that provides Futures-as-a-Service. She creates prototypes for future products and services and recently initiated inTENSE, the speculative lifestyle magazine from 2030 and beyond. With a background in industrial design and set design, her work has been showcased and awarded at design festivals around the globe. In collaboration with Warsaw-based Studio Prognoza, Magda has also created unique food experiences aimed at democratizing conversations about our common futures of growing, preparing, and enjoying everything we eat.

Changing the Future Narratives

Futures envisioned by film, television, video games, and music have given us cosmic adventures, hopeful utopias, transformational cautionary tales, and even information about how to achieve things once thought impossible. From the earliest science fiction and space operas have sprung alternative histories, retrofutures, afrofuturism, gender utopias, and many other genres that not only inspire and entertain us today, but serve as “imagination starter kits” for inventors and innovators – like you – who will shape the real world we all will live in.
What can we learn from science fiction that we can usefully apply to improve our day-to-day practice as designers and problem-solvers? A former set designer and now professional creator of artifacts from the future, Magda Mojsiejuk offers a unique perspective. Drawing on past and present science fiction works, she will show how they painted visions of the future we would like to see (or to avoid), and how they intersect with the work of creative design. She will use examples of future artifacts including InTENSE, a lifestyle magazine from 2030 and beyond; and other objects by Futurity Systems that pull incredible futures into plausible products today.