Can technology increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy in the mental health field? What we should know about VR and psychotherapy

Deya Shopova (BG)

Clinical psychologist




NATFA - Aula


2 June, 14:00

My name is Deya Shopova and I am a clinical psychologist with vast interests in the field. I am constantly striving for innovation and new opportunities. That is why I was the first clinical psychologist in Bulgaria who introduced virtual reality in the field of mental health work. I am cultivating safe, inclusive spaces to conduct psychological interventions. My strengths include case management, research interviewing, assessment reporting and more. Expert at analytical thinking and clinical assessment planning. I conduct consultations and offer services related to individual work, work with adolescents, as well as couples. Another field of work is consultations related to sexual health and hygiene awareness in adolescents. I use an integrative approach that helps highlight individuality in the client's request.