Let's Make a Zine: Envisioning a Better Future

MAGDA Mojsiejuk (PL/ES)

Lead Artifact Designer at Futurity Systems, Founder of inTENSE Magazine




NATFA - Aula


2 June, 15:00

Magda is the Lead Artifact Designer and Creative Director at Futurity Systems, a consultancy based in Barcelona that provides Futures-as-a-Service. She creates prototypes for future products and services and recently initiated inTENSE, the speculative lifestyle magazine from 2030 and beyond. With a background in industrial design and set design, her work has been showcased and awarded at design festivals around the globe. In collaboration with Warsaw-based Studio Prognoza, Magda has also created unique food experiences aimed at democratizing conversations about our common futures of growing, preparing, and enjoying everything we eat.

Let's Make a Zine: Envisioning a Better Future

Forget the pre-written script! Inspired by movements like punk and Riot Grrrl, this workshop throws open the door to a future full of possibilities. We'll challenge the usual stories and crank up the volume on your own unique visions. Come join us as we explore: How can we rewrite the tired future narratives peddled by pop culture? What does your better future entail?